Kings Award

Cableflow has always strived for excellence in our narrow market sector, with diligence in our approach to running a successful and reputable business where sustainable and ground-breaking innovation is key to our longevity and corporate success.

This approach and our innovative knowledge-led products were rewarded in April 2005 with the Grant by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the highly respected Innovation category.

In 2023 Cableflow received a second such Royal recognition by the Grant of a first ever Kings Award for Enterprise, also for Innovation, one of just 47 innovation Awards in 2023 that are personally approved by His Majesty King Charles III on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

In recognising our progressive approach to our business operations, in 2024 Cableflow were again recognised by His Majesty King Charles III with the further Grant of a Kings Award for Enterprise, but this time for International Trade. This award exemplifies the connection between innovation and commercial success and reflects the growing global market for our products.

Amassing three Royal Grants over our corporate lifetime is an outstanding success in itself and recognises the exceptional efforts of our people and products.

A Kings Award for Enterprise is the highest business accolade that can be made to a UK business which is internationally recognised and reflects innovative, well run UK businesses that have proven commercial innovation leading to financial stability and which enhances the UK’s reputation as business leaders. This prestigious Award which is a Royal approval that celebrates outstanding achievement and excellence by UK businesses.

Through sound leadership and investment in our people, these Awards recognise Cableflow amongst the UK’s business elite and where we have developed business strength and market recognition not just in the UK but in oversea territories too. 

Our 2005 Queens Award for Enterprise:Innovation recognised our medisys integra fully integrated linear bedhead services trunking system which today still remains the mots innovative product of its kind, delivering year-on-year savings to the NHS and private healthcare providers consequential to the innovative lighting systems deployed within it. Now upgraded in design to offer a full LED light source, including retrofit LED packs for existing installations the product continues to evolve and lead the sector.

Our 2023 Kings Award for Enterprise recognised Cableflow’s equipotential earth bonding connection point as a proven innovation. The product provides a dedicated and unique point for the connection of various items of Medical Electrical (ME) equipment used within the patient environment and contributes towards preventing ventricular fibrillation (VF). The product equalises the earth potentials of various Medical Electrical (ME) equipment to limit risk to the patient, specifically for example, when undergoing an intracardiac procedure where parts of ME equipment come into contact with the patient.

Offered as a stand-alone product in its own right for use across the UK’s Healthcare estate or, as a component to be incorporated into other medical equipment manufacturers products the Cableflow equipotential earth bonding connection point (or potential equalisation socket) is relevant not just in the UK but in all global markets. Its usage is now promoted through harmonised international wiring regulations for healthcare facilities.

Our 2024 Kings Award for Enterprise recognised our outstanding international trade over a continued three year period which reflected more than 225% growth in revenues over the period. Our approach to growing our export footprint was recognised as part of this success.

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