TOTEM offers an extremely adaptable and attractive Medical Supply Unit which embodies our experience and innovative approach to bedhead services, all attained over many years and across thousands of installations worldwide.

The TOTEM presents sleek yet soft lines to an enclosure which clearly displays medical gas outlets in the patient environment in an aesthetically striking format, avoiding the disruption of penetrating walls and allowing a fully serviceable pipeline route to the terminal outlet. TOTEM is primarily a retro-fit option but may also be used in an initial stage of construction where speed of installation and pipeline accessibility are key.


Whether used in general in-patient acute bedroom accommodation, higher dependency or elderly care/hospice settings TOTEM accommodates medical gas and vacuum pipelines and associated terminal outlets in any complexity and a variety of formations.

Where medical gas additions or adaptations are simply required the ease of install of TOTEM is an attractive proposition as it is in a new build scheme.

Retrofitting medical gas terminal outlets always presents an infection control risk with unsightly surface mounted pipelines clipped to the wall and terminal outlets in aesthetically compromised plastic enclosure boxes always at risk of damage. TOTEM changes this landscape and offers a solution to these constant healthcare environment issues.

Supplied in variable lengths to suit the co-ordination of ceiling heights with outlet mounting heights, TOTEM is a simple yet functional solution. Designed to be installed tight to the finished ceiling which allows the simple access of the medical gas pipelines through the ceiling, and where historical ceiling voids are otherwise congested in retrofit environments, the pipeline simply penetrates through the fibrous tile or board and into the medical supply unit enclosure with the end cap acting as a neat ceiling interface.


TOTEM is offered in three width versions TOTEM1, TOTEM2 or TOTEM3 subject to the orientation of outlets to be provided all meeting HTM 02-01 compliance.