The CABLEFLOW PANEL, a simple yet understated name for this extremely flexible medical supply unit, embodies our experience and innovative approach to bedhead services.

The sleek yet tender lines of PANEL clearly delineate the patients’ personal space in a way that ensures that medical services components remain unobtrusive and with minimal encroachment on the available patient space. Research tells us that by creating an uncluttered look to the bedhead area the patient experience will be less stressful and will allow an ease of nursing care in a simplistic manner.

Available in a single or multi-leaf configurations PANEL is a solution for almost any application whether single or multi-bed locations.

As design schemes for healthcare environments more commonly reflect patient hotel bedrooms, where more of a domestic concept is the focus this embraces the need for an enhanced patient experience. High quality laminate finishes to the PANEL facia ensures the designer is allowed a diverse array of creative design licence that can even be varied from room to room.

Whether used for general bedrooms in acute in-patient accommodation, higher dependency or elderly care/hospice settings the enclosure provides varying quantities of mains power, nurse call, data/patient monitoring, lighting control, patient entertainment, over bed lighting integration, bedhead buffers, medical equipment rail, IV post support and medical gases in a multifunctional linear enclosure, and all fully compliant with ISO 11197.

Further integration of our clean-lined CIBSE LG2:2008 compliant WAVE reading/ observation and general room lighting solution ensures that the PANEL is the single source of pre-fabricated bedhead services in each room.

This product can be supplied fully pre-assembled, pre-wired or pre-gassed, tested and certified to ISO 11197, HTM & HBN recommendations, CIBSE (SLL) LG2:2008 as well as BS 7671 (inc Corrigendum’s) to offer fundamental cost savings and overall programme benefits.

Each CABLEFLOW Medical Supply unit is manufactured to the highest standards and to a quality expected of a British manufacturer from across a broad and universally applicable product range. The inclusion of third party nurse call systems into our bedhead services units ensures continuum of infrastructure yet opportunity to use the most up to date containment solutions and remains a key feature of our offering.