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Working with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

The introduction of MMC provides a number of practical and financial benefits for installers and end users alike on all project types but specifically healthcare infrastructure.

The Cableflow success story continues with our own contribution to off-site MMC supported by our factory pre-assembled, pre-gassed and pre-wired medical supply units (bedhead units) being deployed throughout an increasing number of modular off-site healthcare construction projects.

With our own modular manufacturing philosophy that pre-dates the government’s current MMC scheme we continue to evolve our offer to better support the modular sector, enhanced by our strong experience in this area of manufacturing approach.

Our bedhead services trunking solutions are playing a pivotal role in aiding project teams to deliver schemes faster and on budget through repeatability whilst integral flexibility in approach for future surge demand is a core asset of each offer.

Both our vertical and horizontal solutions are being deployed on various schemes across the Procure 22 framework and beyond.