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Evelina Childrens Hospital – Level 6 CCU

“Trellis on the terrace”

There are projects that come around from time-to-time that challenge us all. Our history, reliability and product which was by now proven in-practice at the Evelina however demonstrated to the design and build teams that Cableflow had the wherewithal to find a designed solution in keeping with the initial five floors completed almost a decade ago.

The high position of level 6 in this state-of-the-art building offers exceptional views across London and is filled with natural light, a natural terrace on London’s skyline.

TRELLIS was a complete walling system developed specifically for this application.

Collaborated with main contractor Galliford Try and their design team, our product design was based upon principles founded across our core products that established a lattice framework of extrusions to provide the substructure to conceal service routes that were then covered by bespoke laminated and post formed facia boards. Included in each bed zone is a parents drop down bed for overnight stay but which folds back into the wall during the day time.

Medical supply unit pods in a contrast dark grey finish sit within the framework adjacent to each of the 30 bed spaces and provide the plethora of patient care services, patient entertainment outlets and connections, whilst vital signs monitors are mounted and connected via bespoke equipment channels and examination lights offer clinical flexibility for bedside care.

The integration of artwork by a specially commissioned organisation to bring themes to the bed space and treatment areas was also a vital consideration in the product concept to provide sufficient flat space to integrate.

The ability to clean bedheads, being mindful of infection control and management, were key facets in the overall philosophy where the clinical team were a core collaborative strength in agreeing the final product design from prototyping through to site delivery.

Regulatory compliance from what is a joinery based bedhead solution incorporating medical supply unit elements was the underpinning requirement throughout. Our growing Cableflow reputation for innovation, linked to achieving that regulatory compliance were at the forefront of all stages of design evolution and recognised by the client, contractors, architects, building services engineers and end users alike.