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Made in Britain

Cableflow International Limited are delighted to have joined forces with Made in Britain the UK manufacturing recognition brand, and in doing so delivering our commitment to helping the Great British trade market.

As a recognised British designer and manufacturer we have collaborated with a growing consortium of British manufacturers committed to creating a community who are proud to present their British made products, both at home and to the rest of the world.

The Made in Britain logo is Britain’s mark of design and manufacturing excellence; showing our loyalty to the British market and sourcing of components from UK sources. At Cableflow we consider it vital to promote our approach to innovation and our UK manufacturing heritage and we see this association as achieving these objectives.

The adoption of the Made in Britain branding adds value to our products by showing that we are proud to be exporting from Great Britain as well as serving our valued home market. As we respond to changes in the market we are amongst the first in our industry to display the Made in Britain logo.

Using the Made in Britain logo allows us to stand proud in the worldwide market and define our pedigree, representing British values and leveraging off the shared business history that connects us all.

Our products have met the criteria of being designed, manufactured, produced and created in Great Britain, underpinned by our previous history being conferred a Queens Award for Enterprise: Innovation. More than 80% of our value chain is within Great Britain and in our case that includes the raw materials used throughout our manufacturing.

Adopted across a growing cohort of proud British manufacturers the Made in Britain logo defines a sense of pride in British manufacturing and design achievements whilst further promoting us amongst the best in our sector across healthcare engineering and Medtech.