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Updated ICU for West London

One of London’s largest NHS Trusts has recently completed the successful installation of 186 bedheads including a suite of ICU rooms using Cableflow fully equipped FS Medicol product line.

The 16 ICU bays, each with a fully equipped free standing unit on either side of the bedspace, provides multiple arrays of HTM compliant services outlets across all patient care services. With adjustable and extendable IV poles and equipment mounting arms, each FS Medicol provides dual sided nursing capability with interchange of monitor and equipment locations as standard subject to the need of the patient being cared for.

ME equipment mounting for pumps, infusion bag supports, ventilator interaction, temporary transport ventilator attachment, IT workstations and the connection of vital signs monitors are all integrated into a neat compact arrangement where articulated arms enable a clutter free clinical work space.

The Trusts project team and clinicians used Cableflow’s state-of-the-art in-house showroom to map out the floorplan of each room whilst ensuring the angular placement of each FS Medicol was co-ordinated with the complete medical equipping.

FS Medicol is seen as an ideal solution in locations where ceiling/soffit infrastructure is insufficient or inappropriate for conventional ceiling mounted articulated arm pendants where weight, cost and lead times are all key project considerations.

Unlike ceiling mounted pendants, the FS Medicol stands on the floor and is not load bearing on the soffit making it an ideal solution for upgraded facilities not initially intended for ICU areas and ceiling pendants. One example of the cost benefits of FS Medico is a fixed medical gas installation without the maintenance incumbrance of hose assemblies usually used in adjustable ceiling pendants and this alone offers an almost immediate payback on initial Cap Ex.