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Great Ormond Street Hospital – Phase 2b

Great Ormond Street 1

Following on from the highly successful and impressive Phase 2a delivered by BAM Construction, Cableflow commenced the bedhead installation works on site under contract Phase 2b with Skanska SRW UK plc. This mirrored phase will link into the initial build and provide largely replicated services across all eight floors at Great Ormond Street.

A variety of bedhead services containment solutions are being installed, largely based upon a bespoke paediatric bedhead product developed specifically for GOSH and now proven in practice. Phase 2b will bring the total number of Cableflow bedheads site wide in this bespoke paediatric configuration to over 360 which when added to over 200 other containment styles in-situ offers an increasing presence across the GOSH complex.

The Cableflow Phase 2b package scope includes various bedhead containment solutions, adjustable arm and ceiling examination lights, patient and parent over bed lighting solutions using the Cableflow WAVE healthcare luminaire, vital signs monitor supports, bed buffers, medical equipment rail across some 160 new bed locations.

Great Ormond Street 2