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Cableflow Launches the SOLO

Following an increase in interest for HBN 09-02 specific solutions in NICU, PICU and SCBNU areas where alternatives to conventional ceiling mounted pendants are used, CABLEFLOW have launched SOLO, a NICU specific vertical containment system for patient care services supplying cots and incubators.

The SOLO can be installed as a single or twin drop containing all essential patient care services including mains power, Medical IT (IPS supplies) sockets, dual gas circuits, nurse call, data and monitoring equipment, IV Poles, shelves, cable clamps and a range of other add on accessories.

Offering a simpler and more cost effective solution than pendants, SOLO is equally at home in other high dependency locations. Tailored to the individual application and wall mounted, SOLO can be rear or ceiling fed.

Available in a range of colours to suit any interiors scheme, they are designed to be complimented by the sleek lines of the WAVE healthcare lighting product.