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London Cancer Clinic, London

Since Harley Street’s London Clinic was established in 1932, it has ever been expanding its facilities and services. The most recent addition is its new Cancer Centre, which offers the latest in cancer treatment technology and a holistic approach to cancer care. The eight-floor state-of-the-art building is dedicated exclusively to cancer care, diagnosis and treatment. Developed within a Grade II listed building, three of its floors are underground to maximise space with the radiotherapy and radiosurgery facilities residing in the basement.

After three years of construction and development, the new wing will open in October 2010 to offer Chelmsford and surrounding areas a new, higher standard of healthcare and Cableflow are delighted to have been selected by The Trust and Contractor Bouygues for this prestigious development which further recognises the broad product offering across various specialist hospital departments.

The new facility was ‘designed with patients in mind’ to offer the most calming and tranquil environment possible for those staying in the Centre whilst they are undergoing care with an emphasis on natural light and neutral surroundings.

There are high levels of infection control in place within in the single rooms as all metalwork is coated with an anti-bacterial finish, all windows have triple glazing and all ledges and protrusions are kept to an absolute minimum.
Malcolm Miller, chief executive of The London Clinic said: “This is a very exciting time for The London Clinic and our patients – as well as for the future of cancer treatment and care. Our new centre will provide renewed hope and optimism for cancer patients and their families and will help put the UK back on the cancer treatment map.”