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New Paediatric Care Centre

A state-of-the-art refurbishment of an existing inpatient ward to provide a new paediatric care centre has been completed by one of South London’s leading NHS Trusts.

The refurbishment of dated building infrastructure will provide 37 bed spaces across a mix of single and multi-bed in-patient bays to provide a range of services, including general inpatient accommodation, an HDU, Treatment rooms, chemotherapy day spaces and inpatient Oncology provision. Single bed rooms have been equipped with pull-down parent stay beds where overnight stays to provide comfort by accompaniment for the most critically ill and vulnerable patients.

Market leading Cableflow medical supply units from across our innovative range have been incorporated into this scheme, including integraLED, WAVELED, Medicol, Medical Equipment Rail and our bespoke PANEL joinery based bedhead solutions – all fully compliant with BS EN ISO 11197. The project exemplifies the approach to applying various product from a single manufacturer with each concept offering different environments whilst aiding the creation of variable patient experiences yet with common key clinical and maintenance features alike.

The integration of colour for inpatient bedrooms, ensuring a focal point for the bedhead design was a key principle for the design team.