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International Private Patients Wing

International Private Patients wing

Cableflow have completed a complete in-patent bedroom floor as part of the upgrading and updating of an International Private Patients wing in one of London’s most prestigious hospitals.

The financial cost of highly specialist NHS treatment and care at the teaching hospital is enabled by the financial contribution from private work undertaken in the International and Private Patient (IPP) Division. It is a vital service needed to allow the NHS side to continue treating complex cases with specialist treatment.

In IPP the case mix is varied, offering a breadth of specialisms all under one roof with more than 1,200 IPP inpatients and 4,746 outpatients from 84 different countries treated in the division during the last 12 months.

This project brings the facilities up to date in the hope of attracting more patients to the primary care facility as part of a healthcare tourism scheme as well as improving the general clinical environment. The Cableflow SOLObespoke solution has been carefully considered between the Trust, users, previous patients, the design team and contractors to ensure a neat integration with adjacent joinery, each bedroom presenting specific and unique constraints.

The complete bedhead installation, fully installed in just over three days with the benefit of offsite manufacturing, brings a modern day state of the art approach to bedhead services within a laminate facia enclosure presenting neatly sculptured lines.

Incorporating all patient care services at the bedhead, including patient monitor support track, medical equipment rails, patient entertainment arms and supports, examination lighting, the co-ordination of the bedhead has been carefully considered to ensure improved clinical functionality.