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Cableflow – DBT Export Champions

We are delighted to announce that our Managing Director, Graeme Dell has accepted an invitation from the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) to become and Export Champion.

Joining 400 other Export Champions on the #DBT Programme across the UK to promote and encourage exporting of British manufactured goods and services is an honour and a reflection of the successes we have achieved at Cableflow.

As an Export Champion the role is to support the DBT objectives to grow Britains exports and to encourage and inspire other businesses to grow through exporting, drawing on our experience of exporting over more than three decades. I am privileged to be asked to share our journey so Feel free to drop us an email if you’d like some export tips!

For free help selling to the world, visit great.gov.uk.

Every exporter has a story to tell and at Cableflow our journey continues. From a ‘light bulb moment’ start-up 35 years ago to a market leading privately owned manufacturer where we lead through innovation, service and quality across the #NHS and private sector many see our story as inspirational for other SME’s.

Much of the innovative magic across the UK happens in small businesses, SME’s such as ours. But exporting is a whole different challenge and requires courage, commitment and above all a well thought out strategy supported by a deliverable plan.

Through reflection, knowledge share, experience and encouragement our own export journey can be that inspiration to other SME’s, and big business alike to start their own corporate journey to export and in-turn grow the UK economy.

Cableflow’s roots are founded in the UK healthcare sector across the #NHS and we remain 100% committed to that market. Without this home market validation and acceptance of our products and services we could not be recognised overseas and become a successful exporter.

Our own journey has more latterly shown exceptional year-on-year export growth but that doesn’t just happen by luck, more so a plan and that courage to take that first step. In this role Graeme hopes to encourage other SME’s to develop their own plan, share our experiences so that they too can show all that is ‘Great’ about British manufacturing.