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Hospice Care

Cableflow medical supply units (HALO) based upon a joinery concept were selected and installed at St Wilfreds Hospice in Bosham which opened in July this year.

Technical compliance to BS ISO 11197:2016 and HTM 08-03 as with all medical locations was a primary requirement of this installation and Cableflow bedheads were selected for a variety of reasons not least of all technical compliance and aesthetics.

The new £16.2m home built by BAM Construction provides 18 new in-patient bedrooms and additional treatment rooms which incorporate Cableflow product in a variety of sales and hues whilst integrating CS Group Acrovyn® wall protection sheets. The amalgamation of LED backlit panels for ambient lighting is a striking feature of the HALO and provides a softer approach to the ambience within palliative care environments.