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Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright, Surrey

The Institute for Animal health in Surrey is a critical establishment for the development of vetinary virology, not just in the UK but also the World. The Institute are currently developing a world leading new laboratory valued in excess of £110m which is due to open in 2014 and have selected Cableflow products throughout the microbiological laboratories and offices to house the building services installation.

Creating the world’s best high containment facility so that diagnostic research work can be conducted is heavily reliant upon the Cableflow solution in ensuring a safe bio-containment micro barrier. Detailed design where each room benefits from a bespoke cable-management solution to meet the needs of the specific activity was one of the challenges Shepherd Construction and Shepherd Engineering Services faced, which has been overcome by adopting the Cableflow solution.

The importance of scientific research into food security, ensuring that the food chain remains safe has never been higher. Understanding what causes infection and how it can be treated is of an international priority and significance and The IAH will ensure that the UK always gets the world’s best products delivered to our tables and remains at the forefront of vetinary virology.