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Prestigious First – Cleveland Clinic London

Cableflow have been contracted to manufacture and install bespoke state-of-the-art bedhead containment for Cleveland Clinics landmark London private hospital.

The project which is being managed by Sir Robert McAlpine will require more than 200 bedheads, all bespoke manufactured and integrating Corian® at the bedhead in a medical supply unit for the first time on a project of this size in the UK, but where the clients need for absolute compliance in the clinical environment was paramount. Located in Belgravia in an historic property, the retention of the façade and the re-invigoration of the building structure has been key as construction rapidly progresses.

Cableflow have developed the bedhead solution with the client and professional team amidst strong opposition from an international market, such is the prestige of this project, and the award of this contract reflects strongly upon our market position and growing global brand. Cableflow medical supply units will be installed in a variety of locations within the site including all in-patient bedrooms, day case rooms, recovery, endoscopy, imaging and throughout the eight theatre suites representing a fully flexible suite of solutions for bespoke applications.

The six-story, 198,000-square-foot building will be converted into a 330,000-square-foot hospital and will provide the Clinic it’s first foothold in Europe.

Cleveland Clinic is one of the leading providers of specialised medical care in the world, providing clinical excellence and superior patient outcomes. It’s new London hospital located at 33 Grosvenor Place will open in 2021 and will offer a new model of private healthcare in the UK, with a doctor-led, research-driven approach adopting the very latest technology. Cleveland Clinic London will offer a broad range of clinical services, with particular focus on cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics and digestive disease. In addition to the new hospital, the Clinic’s Medical Outpatient Building is currently being fitted out at 24 Portland Place, near Harley Street, and is scheduled to open in 2020. Cardiology services will be offered at both sites.