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Fresh air on the South Coast vital to recovery

One of the UK’s largest South Coast Acute general hospitals has recently installed a series of Cableflow double-sided AIR Medicols within a new ICU, all incorporating low level waste gases extract for HTM 08-03 compliance. Free standing, and servicing a plethora of bays the dual sided AIR Medicol low level toxic waste gases extract units collaborate with wall mounted vertical Medicol bedheads from the same product family within other areas of the department.

The  ICU bays, each with a free standing unit on either side of the bedspace, benefit from multiple arrays of HTM compliant services outlets across all patient care services including medical gas, mains power socket-outlets for general power and those fed from a Medical IT transformer, nurse call, data, lighting controls, medical equipment rail, IV poles for ME equipping and vital signs monitor mounting channels and associated high level power and data feeds to prevent the multitide of trailing cables previously experienced by clinicians in the old unit. Each Air Medicol is off site manufactured enclosure.

Variable in width and depth to suit the ductwork sizing for the appropriate extraction levels of toxic waste gases in each dedicated environment, whether isolation rooms or multi-bed bays, SOLO provides a neat and convenient surface-mount option negating the need for complex builders work to house ducts. Modular, and easy to install.