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NHS Highlands & NHS Lanarkshire – low level waste gases extract

Two significant projects delivered for NHS Highlands and NHS Lanarkshire have utilised Cableflow SOLO5 medical supply units, combining the delivery of patient care services with low level waste gases extract at the bedhead.

SOLO5 delivers medical gas, mains power socket-outlets for general power and those fed from a Medical IT transformer, nurse call, patient reading and ambient lighting (via the WAVE), data, lighting controls, bedhead buffers, medical equipment rail and IV poles for ME equipping in a composite off site manufactured enclosure.

Variable in width and depth to suit the ductwork sizing for the appropriate extraction levels of toxic waste gases in specific volumetric areas, SOLO provides a neat and convenient surface-mount option negating the need for complex builders work to house ducts. Modular, and easy to install.

On both projects SOLO5 was part of a wider Cableflow product portfolio utilised on the schemes where our offer is broader than a one-size-fits all product.

Both projects reflect core infrastructure investment and delivery under the NHS Frameworks Scotland 3 platform which further recognises Cableflow as a significant UK manufacturer for the NHS.